Campaign #124 is for Julie Kushner in Connecticut


People generally think of Connecticut as a safe blue state, but that’s not true at the state level. The Connecticut State Senate is currently split 18-18, and has been identified as one of the best pickup opportunities in the country for the GOP by national Republicans.

To make things worse, under the Connecticut constitution, the tie vote in the Senate is broken by the Lieutenant Governor, who is currently a Democrat. But the Connecticut governor’s race is a true toss up, and a tie vote could easily be broken by a Republican Lt. Governor in 2019.

If Democrats are to take back the majority, the path goes through Danbury, the heart of Senate District 24. This majority Democratic district was won by Hillary Clinton in 2016, but has been (mis)represented by Republican Michael McLachlan for the last 10 years.

The Opponent

McLachlan has recently tried to recast himself as a moderate voice, but he’s as extreme as any Republican in the country. As Chief of Staff to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton in 2005, McLachlan told an openly-gay staffer to go back into the closet. He also equated being openly gay with him “beat(ing) my wife.” This Republican State Senate incumbent proudly proposed a birther bill in 2011 and was the first elected official to endorse Donald Trump.

Julie Kushner

Democrat Julie Kushner is everything that McLachlan isn’t. She is a first time candidate, but lifelong labor organizer getting results for working families. She retired in June as Director of United Autoworkers Region 9A. She decided to celebrate by retiring her state senator and adding her unabashed progressive voice to the Connecticut State Senate.

Here are some links to videos you might enjoy to learn more about…

…Julie’s background:

…Julie’s campaign:

…a workers’ rally that Julie organized:

Let’s turn Connecticut’s State Senate blue!

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