Campaign #115 is for Stacey Abrams and Sarah Riggs Amico in Georgia!


Postcards to Voters’ mission is to elect (and help re-elect) Democrats to office up and down the ballot all across the country.

We have an exciting opportunity to help make history in the state of Georgia this year. Georgia has an outstanding slate of candidates, including Stacey Abrams, Sarah Riggs Amico, Lucy McBath, and dozens of other Democratic women and men who have stepped up to “Turn Georgia Blue.”

Stacy and Sarah (Georgia’s Dynamic Duo)

Stacey Abrams is a distinguished leader in the state having served in the Georgia State House of Representatives from 2011-2017. Sarah Riggs Amico, like many Democrats running this year, is a first-time political candidate. If elected, Stacey and Sarah would be the first women ever to serve as Governor and Lt. Governor in Georgia.

Stacey has received a lot of media coverage, so, let’s introduce you to Sarah. A business owner, a wife, and a proud mother to two girls, she is the Executive Chairperson of a large transportation company called Jack Cooper Transport. She has grown the company from 120 employees to over 3500 today. Sarah is running a positive campaign, focused on productive problem-solving around the issues facing every day Georgians. Her top priorities are healthcare, education, jobs, and bringing more accountability to our state government.

We know Stacey has a long list of endorsers. And, so does Sarah. From President Barack Obama, to Congressman John Lewis, the Georgia Stonewall Democrats, the Georgia AFL-CIO and several other labor groups, Democrats across the state and even across the country are working to support a winning outcome for this Peach State Dream Team.

Sarah recently sat down with Virginia’s Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax for a conversation about the important role of Lt. Governor. It’s 43 minutes long and the next best thing to meeting her and Justin in person. I encourage you to watch it and understand why it’s just as important for us to be boosting her name recognition among Georgia voters. Here’s the video link:

Why we write

You cannot watch TV in Georgia without seeing an ad for Stacey. We want her to stand victorious election night and we want Sarah to capture every single vote Stacey does. Most importantly, we want voters to have both women in mind when they mark their ballots. It just won’t be the same to enjoy one victory without the other.

They’re both statewide, both strong female candidates, and they will work together to lead the state towards greater prosperity and health.

The biggest challenge for Sarah as a political newcomer is name recognition. She has been working hard on this campaign, traveling all around the state to meet voters, holding telephone town halls and Facebook live events, canvassing in collaboration with other candidates, phone-banking, and many other outreach efforts. The objective for our Postcards to Voters team is to help Sarah reach a specific group of Democratic voters to make sure that they know who Sarah is, make sure they have a plan to vote, and explain why it’s important they vote for Stacey, Sarah, and every Democrat on the ballot November 6th.

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