Campaign #114 is for James Skoufis in NY


From Orange County, CA for the most recent campaign to Orange County, NY – Postcards to Voters’ 114th campaign is in support of James Skoufis.

James is currently an Assemblyman in Orange County, New York which represents 40% of SD-39. SD-39 has been represented by a Republican for over 30 years who has now retired. Having this as an open seat gives NY Democrats their best chance to flip this seat. It will only take flipping 1 seat in the Senate for it to become Majority Democrat.

James has held a progressive record in the NY Assembly despite representing a Republican district. He has voted for progressive measures including single-payer health care for New York State. Meanwhile, his opponent is funded by the Mercers, is a co-founder of the NY State Tea Party, and was on Steve Bannon’s payroll when he worked for Reclaim New York.

Not long ago, we wrote over 283,000 postcards in support of 8 Democratic challengers to Democratic incumbents in the NY State Senate. Now, we’re writing for James to extend our participation in turning the NY State Senate blue.

Let’s make sure that the NY candidates we helped win in the primary can be sworn in to a Democratic majority Senate.

Thank you!

P.S. I lived in Goshen, NY for a year and James would have been my State Assemblyman if I hadn’t moved. Of course, I wouldn’t have ended up in Georgia’s 6th and wouldn’t have been in the right place and time to launch #PostcardsToVoters. ~Tony

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