Campaign #113 is for Katie Porter in CA


The 45th Congressional District is a highly competitive race in Southern California featuring a long-term Democratic state legislator and 3-term Republican incumbent. The district presents Democrats with an excellent opportunity to pick up another seat in the House. Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump there in 2016 by over 5 points. It is a diverse district with a total population of 771,000 – nearly 20% are Latino and almost 25% are Asian American.

The Democratic Candidate

Katie Porter is a Law Professor at the University of California, Irvine and a nationally renowned consumer protection attorney. She has spent nearly twenty years fighting Wall Street, and has won big victories against financial institutions who cheat consumers. Endorsed by Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, she is running to block Trump’s agenda and continue battling powerful special interests on behalf of families.

Her Opponent

Mimi Walters is a Trump loyalist and the kind of GOP politician that is only looking out for wealthy people and corporations. She supports the GOP tax scam and supports taking away our access to quality and affordable health care. When her constituents showed up at a town hall to discuss her votes on health care and environmental issues, she tried to discredit them, claiming that they were “paid activists.”

Republican PAC’s are taking out millions of dollars in attack ads on Porter. With your help, we’re going to counteract that and let voters know why she is the best choice to represent the people of the 45th Congressional District in the House of Representatives.

Here’s an ad of Katie’s in case you’d like to hear what she is telling her voters:

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