Campaign #112 is for Phil Bredesen in Tennessee


Electing Phil Bredesen is key to the narrow path of a Democratic Senate. A pair of red states — Tennessee and Texas — are looking increasingly competitive. With the Senate currently split 51-49 in favor of Republicans, if Democrats were able to win either of those contests — assuming they also flip Arizona and Nevada — it would mean the party could afford to see one of its incumbents defeated and still preserve a path to the majority.

Elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2006, Phil Bredesen became the only Democratic governor in Tennessee history to win all 95 counties!

As Governor

Phil Bredesen worked across party lines to balance eight straight budgets — and he opposed a state income tax. Working with Republicans and Democrats in the legislature, he made the Volunteer State the most competitive state in America for new jobs. And Phil Bredesen made the tough decisions needed to save TennCare.

In the U.S. Senate

Phil Bredesen will take the same bipartisan approach — working with Republicans and Democrats to reduce the debt and deficit … create good-paying jobs … and fix ObamaCare. Phil Bredesen will be a breath of fresh air in D.C.

Talking Points Memo reports, “Former Gov. Phil Bredesen holds a narrow lead over Rep. Marsha Blackburn in a new poll…Bredesen leads Blackburn by 48 percent to 46 percent among likely voters, according to a new…survey released by NBC News and conducted by Marist College.” The poll found that 61 percent of voters viewed Bredesen positively, with only 22 percent viewing him negatively.

Here’s Phil in his own words making the case for himself to Tennessee voters:

As always, thank you for taking these chances to help real Democrats win. We are lucky to have you with us in each of these postcarding campaigns!

~Tony & Team

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