Campaign #103 is for Blake Morris in NY


We continue our efforts to mobilize Democratic primary voters in New York with this latest list.

Where Postcards to Voters normally avoids Democratic primaries, there are some incumbents in the NY State Senate who have run as Democrats, but then worked on, voted for, and supported Republican-led initiatives to the exclusion of reform measures that passed the Democratic State House. Here’s a video from Zephyr Teachout explaining it with a bit more panache than I can muster:

If you have more time, here’s a video in which Zephyr goes into much more detail for a little over half an hour:

We’ve already written for 4 challengers of these Democrats In Name Only (DINOs). Blake Morris is up next. Here are some things to know about his district and the DINO in his district we’d like Blake to unseat.

Blake’s opponent

  • Ran as a Democrat, a Republican, and a Conservative in 2016 (New York allows multiple party affiliation filings)
  • Has voted against women’s reproductive health bills
  • Has said in his own past campaign literature that he is “firmly opposed to any redefinition of marriage”
  • Voted against the School Speed Safety Camera bill
  • Was one of two Democrats to kill the NY DREAM Act
  • Has already stated that if he loses the Democratic primary, he will run in November as a Republican

Blake’s district

  • Was gerrymandered in 2012 to construct a district that would enable the GOP to maintain control of the Senate.
  • Is 70% “European ancestry,” 12% Hispanic, 2.7% African-American
  • Is 90% registered Democrats
  • Usually sees only 9% voting in the primaries

I hope you’re as convinced as I am that Blake (along with the other True Blue Democrats running for NY State Senate seats) deserves our support. We’re going to write to every Democratic voter in his district to remind them of an upcoming THURSDAY election and that Blake is the real Democrat.

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