Campaign #104 is for John Liu in NY


We continue our efforts to mobilize Democratic primary voters in New York. Their primary is coming up soon: September 13th. The primary is being held on a Thursday, because Tuesday is on 9/11.

Where Postcards to Voters normally avoids Democratic primaries, there are some incumbents in the NY State Senate who have run as Democrats. However, they worked on, voted for, and supported Republican-led initiatives to the exclusion of reform measures that passed the Democratic State House. Here’s a video from Zephyr Teachout explaining it with a bit more panache than I can muster:

If you have more time, here’s a video in which Zephyr goes into much more detail for a little over half an hour:

We’ve already written for 5 challengers of these Democrats In Name Only (DINOs).

John Liu is up next and here is his introduction to Postcards to Voters.

A lifelong Democrat, John grew up in Queens and is raising his family there. As a City Councilman and NYC Comptroller, he championed progressive causes and taken on some of the toughest fights against special interests and political insiders. At the time, John was the first ever Asian-American elected citywide.

Today, John teaches municipal finance and public policy in Masters programs at the City University of New York (CUNY) and Columbia University. He is running for the NY State Senate to be a champion for all the progressive legislation that phony Democrats colluded with Republicans to block.

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