Campaign #105 is for Jessica Ramos in NY


Yes, we know – another New York State Senate race.

Jessica Ramos has been waiting patiently as we wrote for Alessandra, Julie, Rachel, Zellnor, Blake, and John. We are writing a tremendous number of addresses daily and we can absolutely finish Jessica’s list in two days. Getting all of her Democratic voters’ cards mailed in plenty of time for the September 13th primary election.

Born in Elmhurst, to Colombian immigrant parents, Jessica has lived in and served every single neighborhood in the district. She is a labor and community organizer and has been a member of her local community board. As a working mother of two, preferencial renter, and straphanger, Jessica knows the struggles of her community.

More importantly, Jessica is a True Blue Democrat who will caucus with the State Senate Democrats and rescue majority control from the clutches of the Republicans and the turncoat Dem incumbents who have traded away their constituent responsibilities.

If you are new to Postcards to Voters, welcome! You may be wondering why we are writing in a Democratic Primary.

Where Postcards to Voters normally avoids Democratic primaries, there are some incumbents in the NY State Senate who have run as Democrats, but then worked on and voted for and supported Republican-led initiatives to the exclusion of reform measures that passed the Democratic State House. Here’s a video from Zephyr Teachout explaining it with a bit more panache than I can muster:

If you have more time, here’s a video in which Zephyr goes into much more detail for a little over half an hour:

As always, thanks for taking these chances to help real Democrats win. We are lucky to have you with us in each of these postcarding campaigns!

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