Campaign #102 is for Rachel May in NY


Rachel May is another “IDC Challenger” in the upcoming Democratic Primary in New York. The incumbent Democrat has been part of the so-called Independent Democratic Conference (IDC). The IDC has traded their votes to give Republicans majority control of the state senate. As a result, progressive bills have been stopped cold in committees. But, the IDC incumbents tell their constituents that they would have voted for the bill if it had come to the floor. How convenient.

Watch this video to hear Rachel explain one of the main reasons she is running:

Let’s help Rachel reach all of the Democrats in her district with a fun, friendly election reminder. We can work to rescue the New York State Senate from the clutches of the Republicans and the 8 turncoat Democrats who put their own self-interest ahead of their constituents.

This may feel different for some of you. And I only had a few paragraphs here to explain what many New Yorkers weren’t even aware of. So, here is a video clip explaining the history a bit. It is narrated by award-winning actress, and New Yorker, Edie Falco:

As always, thanks for taking these chances to help real Democrats win. We are lucky to have you with us in each of these postcarding campaigns!

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