Campaign #92: Eric Holguin for U.S. Congress – Texas District 27


“Voter mobilization is always a constant effort of trying different ways to motivate people to vote.”

That was a quote from the Nueces County (Texas) Democratic Party Chair-Elect Coretta Graham given in an interview about this upcoming Special Election for the vacancy created when Congressman Blake Farenthold stepped down. She’s right. Voters in the 13 counties that this Congressional District spans in whole, or in part, will have seen many of these names on their ballots twice already. And after the upcoming June 30th election, depending upon turnout and if someone gets 50% +1 vote, there could still be two more before the November General Election. And all this is merely for the unexpired term.

Eric won the Democratic Party nomination for the November election for the next full term. But, the Special Election is on a different timetable and must be voted on separately with our “favorite” jungle primary process. Since Eric is already the certain nominee for the Fall, it stands to reason that Postcards to Voters will help to boost turnout in his favor. If he can secure the majority on June 30th, then there will be no need for a runoff and he can devote his time and resources to the Fall campaign.

For a more detailed account of the chain of events, read the article here:…/eric-holguin-michael-cl…/653878002/

Thanks for writing with us to give Democrats a clear win in June that will provide important momentum in November for CD 27 and throughout Texas!

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