Campaign #91: Eileen Higgins for Miami-Dade County Commissioner, District 5 in Florida


For our next campaign, we will be helping Eileen Higgins in the runoff election for Miami-Dade County Commissioner in District 5. Miami-Dade is the largest county in the largest battleground state in the U.S.

The County Commission is made up of 13 commissioners representing their own districts. Each district is composed of about 200,000 residents. There are currently 6 Democrats, 6 Republicans and 1 independent commissioner. District 5 has been held by a Republican for the last twenty years. Miami-Dade County is also home to Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.

Eileen was the only Democrat running in the May 22 Special Election, which was called to replace the outgoing commissioner. He requested that the special election be held immediately instead of on the primary day in late August when all county commission elections are usually held. It has been reported that this was a strategic attempt to favor his wife who was one of the four candidates running to replace him.

Eileen came in first place out of four candidates on May 22. The June 19 runoff election is between the outgoing incumbent’s wife (a Trump Republican) and Eileen.

If Eileen wins, it will flip the county commission to the Democrats. This is significant. Earlier last year, Miami-Dade became the only major metropolitan area to side with Donald Trump’s immigration executive order. Miami-Dade reversed their Sanctuary Cities policy and made it easier to deport undocumented immigrants. It was a decision made by the Republican County Mayor and ratified by the County Commission. Just two weeks ago, the Mayor vetoed a living wage ordinance. Two months ago, the Republican Mayor vetoed legislation that would have created civilian oversight over police misconduct.

A detailed recap of the May 22 Special Election with insights into the campaigns and tactics can be found here:…/miami-da…/article211612369.html

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