Campaign #88: Penny Newman for Riverside County Supervisor – District 2 in CA


We’re going to help another Democrat in California for our 88th campaign. Over a year with not one race in California, and now we just can’t seem to stay away from there. =)

Here are some quick facts about this opportunity and the district.

Riverside County…
…has 2.4 million people,
…is the 10th largest county in the U.S. by population
…is the 2nd largest county by area in California.

There are 5 county supervisors. Each district covers about 500,000 people of which nearly 200,000 vote.

If Penny wins…
…she flips the board to a 3 to 2 majority Democrat for the first time since the great depression.
…she’ll be the first woman on the Board of Supervisors in almost three decades.
…by 50% plus 1 vote, she wins outright and does not have to run again in November.

Hillary Clinton won the 2nd district where Penny is running 55% to 45% in 2016. CA Assembly District 60 is almost entirely within Penny’s county district. It’s the most competitive Democratic-held (and Republican targeted) assembly seat in California. Dem turnout from our postcards will help keep California blue.

In this June 5th election, there are 4 Republicans running. Penny is the only Democrat.

Some more to know about the district:
> 40% of the nation’s consumer goods sit on shelves in warehouses in this region before they are distributed. The region is called “The Inland Empire” which makes up Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.
> The diesel trucks that accompany these warehouses have an enormous negative effect on the health of local residents, including the highest asthma rate in the nation.
> The district is majority people of color – over 50% Latino.

Watch this video highlighting Penny’s reasons for running:

Thanks for giving Penny your postcard support!

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