Campaign #87: Tracey Rosebud for Mississippi House District 30, Special Election Runoff!


Tracey Rosebud made it to 2nd place in a Special Election earlier this month. The total number of voters on May 8th was 2,282 split among 3 others and Tracey. He’s the only Democrat in a run-off now on May 29th.

In a Special Election Runoff, you can count on even fewer voters showing up. But, there are at least 11,500 Democrats in MS State House District 30 that we could help remind to go vote. This is doable. Your postcards could help make the difference by a few hundred votes on May 29th.

The winner will serve until January 2020, filling the end of a term started by Democrat Robert Huddleston, who had served since 1996. He resigned during the 2018 legislative session to spend more time with his family.

Party labels do not appear on ballots in Mississippi special elections. But, Tracey’s opponent is clearly a Republican. His Facebook posts have been exposed on Twitter and they include “Hillary for Prison” memes, despicable comments about Mexicans, and full-on endorsement of school vouchers. See some examples of what the person running against Tracey has posted on Facebook:

Let’s keep this seat in the Democrat column. If we each write 5 or 10 cards to protect public education, every single Democratic voter will realize the outcome is up to them.

Thank you!

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