Campaign #83: Machaela Cavanaugh for Nebraska Legislature, District 6


Our first campaign in the great state of Nebraska is for Machaela Cavanaugh. Did you know that Nebraska is unicameral? They only have one legislative body. And, when they run for office, it’s non-partisan. But, they do have parties and voters can register as Democrat or Republican among others. It’s just that their state legislative offices are non-partisan.

There’s a primary this May 15th that features the incumbent (who is a Republican), an Independent (who is running YouTube cooking videos for an unconventional campaign approach), and Machaela Cavanaugh, the Democrat.

The top two will go on to the General Election in November. While we don’t normally write in a primary election, since there is only one Democrat on the ballot, our mission is to make sure she makes it in the top two. That way, there’s a Democrat on the ballot in November for this district.

Cavanaugh has been involved with public policy most of her life. She has a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Her father, John Cavanaugh, was a former U.S. Representative.

A mother of two, Machaela says that public education and paid family leave are her top two issues. “I think that so many things begin with both of those,” Cavanaugh said in an interview. “It is our role and responsibility as a society to educate our youngest members.”

A detailed article on the contest can be found here:…/article_001f45d8-3fbc-5272-9cfd-1422…

This is a short list of voter addresses. I hope everyone will find time for 5 postcards and be able to check off “Nebraska” on their list of states in which they have helped boost turnout!

Write on!

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