Campaign #82: LaKeisha Gantt for Board of Education, District 7 in Clarke County, GA


A candidate who has made a career consulting with schools on ways to improve their climate and culture to foster healthier and safer environments for learning?

A candidate who was born and raised in the very same community she’s now running in and also raising her own children?

This isn’t a character description from a progressive screenplay.

It’s just a few things about LaKeisha Gantt that make a strong case for her to be Clarke County’s newest addition to the Board of Education.

This school district serves around 100,000 students with 21 schools. The poverty level in the county is a factor in some of the challenges the district faces. LaKeisha’s ideas are well-informed by her experience working with educators and administrators in classrooms. It’s clear from speaking with her that she has a command of the issues and any audience hearing her will have the same opinion.

Our job is to help those Democratic voters mark their calendars for the election and to remember her name so that she can earn enough votes to win.

Check out her wonderful video featuring her 4 children and tell me you don’t want to write 5 postcards for her. (If not more!)

Video Link on YouTube:


(NOTE: There is another LaKeisha Gantt in Georgia who is currently serving on a city council. These are two different women who share the same name.)

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