Campaign #81: Dean Johansson for Yolo County District Attorney in CA


Our second campaign in California will be our first for District Attorney. Dean Johansson is running to unseat a two-term Republican who first won 8 years ago by only 4 points.

Dean has been a civil rights attorney, public defender, and prosecutor for over 20 years. He is an activist and stalwart defender of civil rights and liberties. He fights for police accountability, transparency, and oversight as a 15-year board member of the Yolo County ACLU. Dean stands up for the rights of oppressed and disenfranchised people. He believes that society needs to focus on education–not mass incarceration.

Yolo County’s current conservative DA is one of the most overly-punitive DAs in California. Running against a multiple-term incumbent is no easy task. Dean is running a grassroots campaign fueled by highly-motivated volunteers who are excited for change.

There’s a University of California campus in Yolo County with lots of young registered college students. This is important because on the same ballot, there will be an important issue that has independently stirred up student interest in voting on June 5th. An energized Democratic voter base plus a higher turnout from colege students make for a great combination for a winning outcome.

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