Campaign #80: Juanita Healy is for Alabama House District 4


Juanita Healy is a Democrat running in a challenging state house district. Any previous cycle, one might reasonably argue against going through extraordinary measures in Alabama House District 4. These have been anything but normal times, though.

Democrat Doug Jones was elected from Alabama to the U.S. Senate nearly 5 months ago. Terry Jones, another candidiate we supported, came within a few hundred votes of winning his Special Election. For this Special Election, the Republicans had a brutal Primary that had to be decided in a Runoff. Finally, there is a very conservative 3rd candidate on the ballot running as an Independent. With turnout for a Special Election already expected to be low, these other ingredients may combine to give Democrats the best chance at flippng this seat.

With all of us writing to every Democratic voter in AL HD 4, we can give Juanita’s team a big helping hand. As with so many other elections, this will come down to which side can get more of their voters to the polls.

Thanks for writing with us!

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