Campaign #79 is for Clark Mitchell in PA!


Clark Mitchell’s 48th State House District in Washington County is where Conor Lamb won with 52.5% of the vote last month. An HD 48 native and leader of his own law practice, Clark is running to address the opioid crisis in Pennsylvania and to make sure schools all over the state are fairly funded, including technical training programs that support local job creation.

The bigger picture for Pennsylvania Democrats is that they have a decent shot at achieving the majority in the State House this year. The 48th HD is often called a “majority maker.” That’s because there is no path to a majority without keeping this blue seat. The analysis of Lamb’s victory shows he won the 48th HD, barely. It’s energized local Dems and there’s strong buzz statewide. Our postcards will add to all the other efforts being made to boost Democratic voter turnout for the May 15th election.

It’s no surprise that the other side is working with hundreds of thousands of dollars in out-of-district and corporate PAC money. While, Clark has pledged to accept no corporate PAC money.

We are ideally suited for this challenge. While this is not a flip opportunity, Clark must keep this seat blue if Dems have any chance of reaching a majority in the chamber.

Thank you for writing 5 to PA Dems!

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