Campaign #78: Joe Berney for Lane County Commissioner in Springfield, OR!


If you are keeping track at home, Postcards to Voters’ 78th campaign will be our first in the state of Oregon!

We are helping Joe Berney unseat an incumbent on the Lane County Board of Commissioners. There are 5 seats on this Board and 3 of them are up for election this year. With only Joe (the Democrat) and the incumbent (the Republican) squaring off in this May 15th non-partisan Primary, the winner of this election will be seated without having to wait for a November election.

Oregon is a 100% vote-by-mail state. You read that right. This means your postcards could have an even greater effect at convincing Democratic voters to send back their ballots casting their votes for Joe.

Though technically a non-partisan race, the Board has been dominated by conservatives for many years due in part to gerrymandering. With 3 of the 4 conservatives on the 5-person Board up for re-election this year, it’s a unique opportunity for us to help flip this seat.

Some of the issues controlled by the Board are land-use decisions, such as aerial spraying rules for timber, homelessness services, roads, and health & human services. There was a recent strike that was reportedly not handled well and they also blocked an initiative on aerial spraying that has stirred up progressive voters.

And here’s a great background on Joe written by his wife:

Thanks for writing at least 5 postcards for our first Oregon campaign. Let’s win this!

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