Campaign #84: Lisa Lott for Superior Court Judge in GA


In Georgia’s Western Judicial Circuit, all 4 of the Judges have been appointed by Republican Governor Nathan Deal. Our Democratic candidate Lisa Lott is challenging Regina Quick, a former State Representative.

In the Legislature, Regina improved her NRA rating from 86% in 2015 to 93% in 2017. Just in her last year as a Representative, she had controversial YES votes on Banning Sanctuary Campuses (HB37), Preventing Universities from Investigating Sexual Assault (HB51), Immigrant Registration (HB452), and Equate Political Expression with Terrorism (SB1). Her vacated seat in the State House was won in a Special Election by Democrat Deborah Gonzalez (whom we wrote for!).

Lisa has spent the majority of her career as a Public Defender. Before working in the public defender’s office, she worked as a prosecutor in the Gwinnett District Attorney’s Office and also as a staff attorney at the Council of Juvenile Court Judges in Atlanta.

Lisa’s husband served as a Democratic State Senator from 2001-2004. He’s been the one working with us to line all this up. His accounts of the ground game and the surging progressive activism, reinforce that what happened last year (when “Postcards to Voters” candidate Deborah Gonzalez won) has only gotten stronger. This is a race Lisa can win. And we can help.

You can read more about this contest in a recent news article here:…/article_a4f19930-48e5-11e8-ad…

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