Campaign #75: Deb Slinkosky for New York State Assembly District 5


We are pleased to support another Democrat in New York running to fill a vacancy in their April 24th Special Election. This district is one of 710 state legislative districts that intersects with one or more Pivot Counties. These 206 Pivot Counties voted for Donald Trump (R) in 2016 after voting for Barack Obama (D) in 2008 and 2012.

Deb Slinkosky has been a resident of Islip Town for over 30 years, and resides in Holbrook with her husband Bill, where they raised their three sons, Michael, Matthew and William.

Deborah possesses a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Stony Brook University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Communications from Adelphi University. She built a 22 year career in Banking and Finance and 10 years in Suffolk County Government.

In 2005, she was elected to the Sachem Board of Education where she helped achieve the only 0% tax increase in two counties. As a Board Member, she also helped create Sachem’s first Legislative Committee, where she continued the fight for equitable state aid and unfunded mandate relief for our schools.

It’s not hard to see why she will be effective in the State Assembly. But, she has a tough fight on her hands to get make that seat hers. The Republican who resigned to become a Judge won here 3 cycles in a row. Each time, increasing the Republican margin until it was at 64% Republican to 35% Democrat.

With fewer people likely to turn out in a Special Election, we have a chance to capitalize on the surge in Democratic voter enthusiasm and the discontent among Republican voters that might stay home. Let’s do our part with 5-10 postcards apiece and boost Democratic voter turnout.


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