Campaign #74 is our first in Texas!


Campaign #74 is our first in the state of Texas as we write in support of Cecil Webster in his run for State House District 13.

Let’s get something out of the way: Cecil is running in a ruby-red district. Writing to Democratic voters here is more of a mission to help them lay the foundation for the hard work ahead to make TX HD 13 purple.

We haven’t written into a district this stacked against a Democrat before. So, why start now? First, Cecil is the real deal. He served in the Army for 26 years before retiring. He has a Master of Science in Civil Engineering. And he’s a 4th-generation Texan who owns and operates a 20-acre wildlife management farm. I have spoken with Cecil and with other Democratic organizers in Texas that I trust. Everyone has wonderful things to say about him. And then they remind me how red TX HD 13 is.

That brings me to my second point: when qualified Democrats run for office – especially in the face of such difficult odds – they deserve our support. Maybe even a bit more support than usual. Postcards to Voters is not about hedging bets and supporting only calculable winners. And since all we ask is that you and your friends each write only 5 postcards apiece, we hope you will join us in filling every Democratic voter’s mailbox there.

Let’s impress them with the importance of voting early. For Democrat Cecil Webster. Let’s show Cecil he is not in this fight alone. It can be an example to any Democrat sitting on the fence about running in a red district. They won’t be alone. We must field candidates in as many contests as we can. Regardless of the past voting history.

Thanks for writing at least 5 election reminders for Cecil. He deeply appreciates the help.

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  1. I have sent over 150 cards, but I seem to have been dropped from your system. I don’t text and am not on Facebook, but you sent me names in the past. Please send me some more. Have pen, will write.

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