Campaign #73 for Harvey Epstein in New York, NY


If you live in New York or you’ve been following state politics, you know that there have been vacancies in the state legislature for which special elections were not scheduled until well after the state budget was to be considered and finalized. In fact, eleven vacancies will be filled April 24th. Our 3rd NY candidate is Harvey Epstein running for the 74th Assembly District.

Epstein, a public interest attorney, lives in the East Village and serves on the Rent Guidelines Board. He was previously head of the Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center. Epstein is also a former chairperson of Community Board 3.

His district is very safely Democratic. But, there are other candidates running besides a Democrat (Harvey) and a Republican. Three other 3rd-party candidates are running. With this being a special election and the possibility of Democratic votes being diverted to 3rd parties, it makes sense to write to a specially-targeted list of Democratic voters. Consider your 5 postcards for Harvey as an insurance policy.

The other nice thing about writing into New York, NY is that if you have room to include the “Write with us! Email:” we might recruit lots of new volunteer writers.

This list is very short and will go quickly. Grab 5 or 10 addresses so that everyone has a chance to write another deserving Democrat in the Big Apple.


Returning writers can get addresses from Abby the Address Bot

► Text NY to 484-275-2229
► Use Facebook Messenger:

New volunteers join by text, email, or web form

► Text JOIN to 484-275-2229
► Email:
► Web:

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