Campaign # 72: Helen Tai for Pennsylvania State House District 178


Our 72nd candidate is in her fifth year on the Solebury Township Board of Supervisors and her 1st as its Chair. Helen Tai has put together a solid team, a long list of endorsements, and a winning plan to flip this state house district.

It’s going to take hard work between now and May 15th to flip this 60/40 Republican/Democrat district. We’re going to write to every Democratic household there as a way to bolster the campaign’s own efforts on the ground.

In her own words: “I believe it is critical for everyone to be offered an equal opportunity to participate fully in society, thus giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed. This will be possible only when everyone has clean air and water, as well as access to a good education, affordable high-quality health care, and jobs that offer fair and equitable pay.”

Writing 5 apiece is all that is needed to blanket the district with fun, friendly election reminders so that Helen and her team aren’t wishing for another 50 or 100 votes at the end of election night.


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    1. Hello Marie! Thanks to wonderful volunteers just like you, we’ve completed the address list for Helen Tai! =)

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