Campaign # 71: Steve Stern in NY for State Assembly District 10


Before you Google “Steve Stern” and write us about a Republican Steve Stern, please be assured that THIS Steve Stern is a Democrat. Promise.The New York State Assembly District 10 seat was left vacant after the resignation of Chad Lupinacci (R). Lupinacci resigned to become supervisor of Huntington. This district is one of 710 state legislative districts that intersects with one or more Pivot Counties. These 206 Pivot Counties voted for Trump in 2016 after voting for Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012.

Lupinacci won in 2016 with 58.77% and a margin of 9,748. That was in a General Election. This is a Special Election. Democrats in this district enjoy an advantage according to party affiliation in the voter registration rolls. So what’s happened here? The Dems are not voting.

Your postcards along with the hard work of local Dems and Stern’s campaign could be enough to win in this era of heightened Democratic voter enthusiasm. Is it worth 5 postcards and 5 postage stamps for you to find out?


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  1. Hi I’m a Democrat in Assembly district 10 and was thrilled to see a handwritten postcard in the mail today! Republicans are FLOODING our local mailboxes daily with very negative ads against Steve Stern. As you probably know, negative ad campaigns are one of the best ways to suppress voter turnout.
    And now I have discovered!
    Thank you!!!

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