Campaign #76: Norma Hutchins for Prosper Town Council Place 2 in Texas


When you’re the only Democrat running in a field of multiple Republicans for a town council seat, there’s a chance they might split the vote enough that you could win the seat with 50% plus 1 vote on the first ballot. Avoiding a run-off is the name of the game. If you only place in the top 2, all of the Republican voters in this ruby-red council seat district will all vote as one in the run-off.

That’s why Norma Hutchins of Prosper, Texas needs our help. We want to help draw out the most number of Democratic voters ever seen in Prosper for a Town Council election. Along with others that Norma and her team are working hard to persuade, this could be one of the blue waves to sweep into that corner of Texas.

Norma’s experience as a Project Manager and service as a combat veteran qualify her to be an effective leader. We hope Town Council is just the beginning of a long career in public service for her. We can get the word out one mailbox at a time and give her a boost to bring diversity to Prosper’s Town Council.


(By the way, Norma was super excited at our help. Here’s her note that accompanied the talking points: “I am so incredibly thankful and I know this will make a significant difference in the race!”)

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