Campaign #59 is for Ricky Shirah in Florida and is also to promote enrollment in Vote By Mail.

Imagine being able to sign up with your county Supervisor of Elections to have a ballot mailed to you automatically in advance of each election. That’s one thing Floridians are lucky to have. Analysis shows that voters who are automatically provided a Vote By Mail ballot cast them at a significantly higher rate than voters who do so in person.

With this Postcards to Voters campaign for Ricky Shirah in Florida’s 39th Legislative District, we are working with the campaign to ask Democratic voters to enroll in this convenient service. By getting them to sign up in time, they will receive the ballot with his name on it and, we hope, will vote at a high enough rate in this Special Election to see a winning outcome.

For his part, Ricky wants to fight Tallahassee special interests with home rule, to completely ban fracking in the state, and to immediately raise the age limit for firearms purchases. An experienced civic leader who started his own successful business after working 21 years for a grocery store, he understands what voters are going through and the important job ahead if he is elected.

As you write cards for him, remember that you’re helping to increase the number of Democratic voters enrolled in Vote By Mail. This will have an ongoing benefit in each election that follows by giving Dem voters easier access to participation. Thanks!

Addresses are available from Abby the Address Bot via Text (484-275-2229) and Facebook Messenger , our Rapid Response Email Team (postcards@tonythedemocrat.org) and by clicking here.



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  1. I’ve been regularly making postcards since December. I would like to share some with the team. I’ve been taking photos of my finished postcards before I mail them out. How can I send you photos of some of my favorites?

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