Carefully consider how you will budget your time for this next campaign in support of Shelley Mayer in New York. That’s because the outcome of this Special Election could restore Democrats’ numerical majority and could lead to a re-unification of Senate Democrats there. (Currently, 8 Democrats call themselves members of the Independent Democratic Caucus and vote mostly with the Republicans giving the GOP majority control over the NY State Senate.)

Shelley was born and raised in Yonkers, NY and raised her family there. As a currently elected member of the NY State Assembly, she works for families, children, and her communities every day. As State Senator, she will fight for fair taxes, defend seniors, deliver on education, protect our environment, and protect women’s rights.

And her win might just put things in motion to give Democrats majority control of their State Senate. Worth it? You bet!

Thanks for writing to voters in our first New York campaign.

Addresses for Shelley Mayer are available to verified writers via Abby only. 

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    1. All postcards are to be written and mailed daily but no later than 3 days after they were assigned. This way, cards are arriving in waves daily in the district. We do not want anyone to ask for more addresses than they have time or supplies to write in 3 days of requesting. Ask for 5 and then in 3 days, ask for 5 more. Don’t ask for 50 and then take weeks to do them. Thanks!

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