28467787_1799912230309855_5495021193121558318_n“Sometimes I text Abby and there’s this annoying delay.”

“I heard that texting Abby costs money and I feel guilty using it too often.”

“I don’t have a texting plan or a smartphone.”

Guess what?! Now, Abby the Address Bot is on Facebook and can assign voter addresses to you via Messenger!

1. Visit: www.Facebook.com/AbbyTheAddressBot
2. LIKE the page.
3. Click the blue “Send Message” button near the top right.
4. Type and send HELLO
5. Follow Abby’s instructions.

Soon, you’ll be getting Voter addresses right within Facebook in the exact way as you had been via text. But, faster and totally free to Postcards to Voters!

Give it a try now. Thanks!

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  1. Hi — I am wondering….. I do not use a smart phone, and so I have been unable to sign up with ABBY. I have a laptop and I use Facebook. Is there a way I can sign up via Facebook?

    1. No, I’m sorry. There is not. You can get a free cell phone number from services like Google Voice and MySMS to name two. Then, you can use their web site apps to send a text message to Abby. Good luck and thanks for writing with us.

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