A Democrat has not run for Congress in Arizona’s 8th since 2012. This is the same district once represented by Gabrielle Giffords. This year, Democratic voters had TWO candidates from which to choose in a contested primary. Dr. Hiral Tipirneni earned the nomination and needs our help to win the April 24th Special Election in a deep-red district.

You may recall that this seat became vacant when Republican Representative Trent Franks resigned amid a scandal. Wouldn’t it be the best serving of justice for a woman to replace him in D.C.?

You can watch primary debates to hear Dr. Tipirneni go in depth on a variety of policy positions. Her science-based approach to problem-solving may be what draws you in to write for her. Maybe her 20+ as an emergency room physician and cancer researcher will give her the unique perspective on the challenges and failings of our public health system that will motivate you. Or it could just be you’d like to see an immigrant serve in Congress during such perilous times for Dreamers.

This is an important Federal Special Election. Like with the others we’ve supported with postcards from every corner of the country, we want to flip this seat to resist and roll back Trump’s harmful agenda. Thanks!

This campaign is only available to approved writers via Abby Text or Abby Facebook Messenger. 

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  1. I don’t care to write postcards to RIcky Shirah. I’d like to write postcards for Tipirneni but I don’t do Abby Text or Messenger. Please tell me you can email me addresses.

    1. All of the addresses for Tipirneni are loaded into the computer database for efficient distribution via text or Messenger. If you don’t text, you can sign up for a free web-based texting service like Google Voice or MySMS. They give you a free phone number connected to their web site. You can then “text” Abby just as if you were using a phone. Without text or Messenger, we are happy to help you with addresses for which single campaign we are assigning manually by copying and pasting from a spreadsheet of voter addresses. I’m sorry we cannot support multiple campaigns’ addresses with our manual email process. – Tony The Democrat

  2. I have several cards done for this campaign but Abby the Bot will not offer me any addresses! How can I get more addressees for this campaign?

    1. Thanks to wonderful volunteers, like you, we’ve completed the address list for Dr. Hiral Tipirneni.

  3. I just went through the Abby text but it doesn’t give me this campaign as an option. Why? We were planning to meet tonight to send a bunch.

    1. Thanks to wonderful volunteers, like you, we’ve completed the address list for Dr. Hiral Tipirneni.

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