Campaign 223 is for Dan Feehan for Congress from MN 

UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed. 

When Dan Feehan ran for Congress in 2018, he lost by a mere 1,315 votes.  The 1st Congressional District of Minnesota went for Obama in 2012, but for Trump in 2016.   The incumbent Republican is facing re-election as a Freshman.  For Dan, this is a rematch of the 2018 contest where 0.4 percentage points decided the outcome.  Clearly, this is within the range that your fun, friendly postcards to voters can make a winning difference.

Dan’s running again because the current Congressman has shown that he will put his wealthy donors’ corporate interests over the interests of regular southern Minnesotans.  He has contributed to the chaos in Washington by voting to make healthcare harder to get, prescription drugs more expensive, and defunding critical programs for our farmers.  He is hyper-partisan and uninterested in working with those who disagree with him, which is why he is one of the least productive members of an already dysfunctional Washington.

Dan is not beholden to any corporation or any party leaders. That is why he can take on Big Pharma and the insurance companies to put forward common sense legislation that will reduce drug costs and make healthcare more accessible for southern Minnesotans. That is why Dan will take on this President, or any Washington D.C. politician who closes off markets for MN farmers, and fight to end the trade war and codify support for the MN ethanol industry to help farmers and farm communities in southern Minnesota.

Throughout his life, Dan has always put people first and worked with those, especially those who didn’t always agree with him, to get things done.  This is something the current Congressman has shown he cannot do and Dan intends to bring that style of leadership to Congress. 

Dan Supports
  • Ending corruption in Washington
  • Making healthcare and prescription drugs affordable
  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare
  • Strengthening our agricultural economy
  • Honoring our veterans and defending our country
  • Fighting for working families
  • Preparing our young people for the future
  • Combatting climate change
 Get to know Dan
  • Dan is a fifth-generation Minnesotan and was born and raised in Red Wing.
  • Dan became an Army Ranger through ROTC in college.
  • From 2005-2009, Dan served as an active duty solider and completed two combat tours of duty as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • On the week he left the Army in 2009, he began teaching first graders on Chicago’s south side, followed by two years spent as a middle school math teacher in Gary, Indiana.
  • Afterwards, Dan joined the Department of Defense, eventually becoming an acting Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon.
  • Since leaving the Pentagon, Dan has worked with the Farmers Union to create solutions on the mental health crisis facing our farmers and rural communities.


What? General Election
When? Tuesday, Nov. 3
Who? Public Servant Dan Feehan
For? Congress
Why? Dan is a veteran and former teacher who will put people first
How? Be a voter!

Let’s make this rematch have a winning outcome for someone who really will be a true public servant in office.   

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat


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