Campaign #174 is for Robin Parrott in Louisiana


In this current election cycle, we’ve written for two other strong Democratic candidates in Louisiana. You may already know that Louisiana has “primary” elections in October. It’s a two-round electoral system in which the names of all eligible candidates (from all parties) are printed on the same primary ballot. So, it’s not a “primary” in the same sense that most of the rest of the country is accustomed to seeing.

In Louisiana’s primary this October 12, if a candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote, that’s it. They’ve won and there is no additional vote taken in the November general election. However, if no candidate wins an outright majority in the primary election, a runoff election is held between the top two vote-getters. This system is sometimes referred to as a jungle primary or majority electoral system. So, while we avoid writing in primaries between two or more true blue Democrats, in this case, it’s only one Democrat versus one Republican. The winner will be decided on the night of the “primary.”

About Robin

Introducing Robin Parrott. (Note the spelling of her last name. Two Rs and two Ts.) She’s a former teacher and foster mom dedicated to helping people find their best. She decided to run because she wants to work at bringing meaningful improvements to her district’s residents’ quality of life. Robin wants to work on her state’s most pressing issues bringing her life experience to bear.

Robin is one of a record number of women running for the Louisiana Legislature. Observers are predicting a sea change in the state’s lawmaking body. Forty-seven of the Legislature’s 144 seats are open because of term limits which could be one reason more women candidates are competing. Along with 22 female incumbents who are running for reelection or in the other chamber, that means that 44 women — more than ever before — will stand for election in Louisiana in less than two weeks.

Even if they all win, the Legislature still will have one of the nation’s lowest ratios of women to men in the nation. But Republicans and Democrats agree that enough women are positioned to win to change the dynamics.

What’s at stake

To understand what’s at stake in Louisiana, here are a few examples of current legislation proposed by Republican lawmakers and/or the Republican Governor:

  • Make it harder to get access to women’s health.
  • Get rid of Medicaid Expansion or make it harder to get access to it.
  • Tried to make teacher pay raise a one year deal (like a bonus) instead of continuous.

Here are some direct quotes from campaign mailers sent by Robin’s Republican opponent:

  • Recognized for his work by the NRA, LABI, and many Pro-Life groups.
  • Supported Right to Life Legislation including the Heartbeat Bill.
  • Your conservative Voice.
  • The past eight years, Rep. Sherman Mack has successful led the fight for conservative principles that our parish demands.

Sherman Mack has been in office for eight years and has done very little that will actually help the people of the district. He is the head of the house criminal justice committee and has been a road block for criminal justice reform in the state, including blocking decriminalizing marijuana. It was Mack that came back the year after the legislature passed bipartisan criminal justice reform and tried to change some of it back.

The constituents deserve a Representative that will put people first and will work to improve their quality of life. This year, the Republican party of Louisiana is working to get a super majority in the state legislature so they can control the Democratic Governor and veto anything they don’t like, as well as control the redistricting process, which would further gerrymander districts in Louisiana.

In Robin’s own words

“As an experienced teacher and foster mom, I have stood up for those that are most vulnerable. If elected, I will stand up for the people of District 95 and Louisiana. Women make up less than 15% of the legislature, and many of the men that represent us are lawyers or businessmen. While their experience is helpful to the state, it is time for our state legislature to have a balanced representation of the people—we need teachers and mothers, too! I am the oldest sister from a family of 14 siblings. Being part of a large family taught me how to work with others, lead, and love, even if we don’t always agree. I am committed to looking beyond party and focusing on the residents of my district. We are more than Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. We are human beings who care about building a strong future for our children.”

Here is a link to a video with Robin and her family for her commercial:

I used some information from the following article which I recommend as a good read to learn more about Louisiana’s electoral landscape this cycle:…/article_393c4880-9aa5-11e9-b2…

Let’s back Robin so that she can be the voice of her district in the Louisiana State House.

Write on!

~Tony The Democrat

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