Campaign #173 is for Dr. Eliz Markowitz in Texas

How much more special can a special election get when there is one Democrat squaring off against six Republicans? And if it was in Texas? How about if the Democrat is a healthcare and education expert?


TX HD 28

Perhaps the single most important election in Texas this year will be the special election for House District 28. It represents the only pickup opportunity in the entire state for 2019. Healthcare and education expert Dr. Eliz Markowitz is running to break through the dysfunction and self-dealing in Austin. Her campaign is focusing on strengthening public education, expanding access to affordable healthcare, and implementing proper disaster relief and school safety plans.

Dr. Eliz is also the only candidate in the race calling for a special legislative session on gun safety and an independent redistricting committee in 2020. If Democrats don’t take nine seats in 2020, Republicans will redraw the maps after the 2020 Census for another decade of gerrymandering and corruption — this is our ONLY chance to pick up one of those nine seats in 2019.

While the whole nation watches Texas with bated breath to see if the state can finally turn blue, this is the only data point coming out of the state in 2019 — let’s make sure the nation is talking about a Democratic victory in Texas generating momentum and excitement about the possibilities in 2020!

Eliz’s three biggest opponents
  • Tricia Krenek, an extreme Republican and former student of the late Justice Scalia, promises to “protect religious freedom” and allow Texans to discriminate against LGBT communities.
  • Anna Allred, a right-wing doctor running to limit women’s access to reproductive health services.
  • Gary Gates, a slumlord and Trump acolyte who is running on a “tough on immigration” platform that vilifies immigrants and asylum seekers.
A brief bio of Dr. Eliz

She is a native Texan, raised in Sugar Land by a teacher and an oil worker. Dr. Eliz is an expert on healthcare technology and education and has spent her career advocating for reforms to Texas’ standardized testing. She currently works as a corporate trainer, instructor, and textbook author with the Princeton Review, where she trains other teachers across the nation. Dr. Eliz earned her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Trinity University, two master’s degrees in Business and Healthcare from UT San Antonio, and her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston.

Here is a link to a video of Eliz speaking with Beto O’Rourke when he came to Fort Bend to rally for Eliz:

You can also listen to her being interviewed in a podcast: (starts at 34:00)

Obama lost this district by 30 points in 2012. In 2016, Hillary lost it by 10 points. Beto lost it by only 3 points in 2018. This is our chance to finally push the district over the finish line and flip it blue.

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