Campaign #118 is for Andrew Janz in California


Flipping the 22nd Congressional District in California’s Central Valley is an uphill battle, but the payoff makes it worth the effort. The seat is currently held by Republican Devin Nunes, one of the most vocal Trump loyalists in all of Washington. To protect his new boss, he has single-handedly transformed the House Intelligence Committee from a high-functioning bipartisan oversight body into a propaganda platform that spreads disinformation about the Russia investigation.

The Challenger

His challenger, Andrew Janz, is a refreshing alternative. Although he is not a politician and has never run for office, he has dedicated his life to civil service. He is currently the Deputy District Attorney in Fresno. Unlike his opponent, he is committed to upholding the law and defending the constitution. Janz was born and raised in the Central Valley by immigrant parents. He is passionate about the issues that affect not only his district but the entire nation, including comprehensive immigration reform.

His Opponent

Nunes is best known for his Russia shenanigans, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg (or should we say, melting icecap?). His record on the environment is awful. He’s an avowed climate change denier who has called global warming “nonsense.” His record on healthcare is equally draconian. He has repeatedly voted against both Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, even though nearly 100,000 of his constituents have benefited from the programs. He’s also accepted nearly $40,000 in campaign donations from the NRA.

Regrettably, even with all of that baggage, Nunes has been leading in the polls throughout this race. The gap has been closing recently. With your help we’re going to let voters know why Janz is the best choice to represent the people of the 22nd Congressional District.


It is only fair to note that a significant amount of postcards have been written by a number of separate and uncoordinated groups for a while. Even with the strategic targeting undertaken to create this special list, there could be some overlap. It has not been possible to get all the groups writing postcards to pool their lists into one for more efficient organizing. Still, we think this list represents a voter profile unlikely to have been included by them while still being a worthwhile recipient for #PostcardsToVoters.

Keep this in mind as you choose. If you decide to write for this campaign, consider how many addresses you want in light of the aforementioned. Another way to look at it: We get a chance to help what has been a powerful response for Janz without having to write *all* of the addresses on our own.

In the same way you have a choice with whom you volunteer, you have a choice for whom you write. Here’s a link to an interview of Andrew by MSNBC’s Alex Witt:

Thanks and write on!

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