Campaign #110 is for Chad McEvoy in NY


We are zig-zagging across the country. From California for #109 to NY for #110.

Chad McEvoy is running in perhaps the most gerrymandered district in New York state, the 101st. It cuts through 7 counties and is 190-miles long!

We are writing to the Democratic voters there because we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to flip it blue.

Here’s just the tip of the iceberg why

  1. Chad’s opponent is facing a number of ethical scandals.
  2. One of the Republican’s legislative staffers (whose salary is taxpayer-paid) was recently arrested on 5 counts of felony forgery.
  3. On top of that Chad’s opponent took $17,000 in campaign loans in 2016 from the Waterman family, failed to repay the loans, but eventually hired Mr. Waterman and paid him over $37,000 in taxpayer money for what appears to have been a no-show, phony, part-time job.

These ethical problems have created an opening to get the support of voters that might not otherwise consider a Democrat.

Electing Chad to the Assembly would provide a strong voice for rural New York in the majority. It would also allow him the chance to fix the terribly-drawn district map.

Chad is not taking any Corporate PAC money and is running a lean, scrappy campaign. In fact, this campaign ad on YouTube will give you an idea of the down-home style Chad’s team is using to appeal to their rural voters:

We are going to write to Democrats in the District that don’t always turn out to vote, especially in midterms, and introduce them to Chad. He and his team will do the education about his opponent’s ethical lapses with all their other planned communications. You and the thousands of other volunteer writers will stay on the positive and explain why it’s important they vote for Chad.

Thank you for making a difference in winnable elections like this one!

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