Campaign #68 is for Lizette Escobedo in California


We made so much progress with the Berman and Freese lists, we have time to write to a very short list whose election date is also April 10th!

Lizette Escobedo is running to become the first Latina to serve on the Whittier City Council in Los Angeles County, California. Hers is our first campaign in California, but not our first for City Council.

Listen to Lizette in her own words making the case for her candidacy on YouTube:

Since this list is so short and all cards must be written and mailed today (tomorrow at the very latest), if you can do at least 5, that’s plenty.

Automated text alerts to people who have that turned on with Abby the Address Bot will not be sent until the West Coast “wakes up” today so that no one’s sleep is disturbed. You have plenty of time to grab 5 addresses before our California volunteers see they have their first home campaign for #PostcardsToVoters.

For addresses:

Text HOLA to Abby the Address Bot at 484-275-2229


Send Abby a message on her own Facebook Page:


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