Campaign 67 is for Tracy Freese running for IA State Senate!

An Iowa State Senator and Majority Leader resigns hours after a video is made public showing him in a bar kissing a lobbyist. Wham! Another Special Election.

Tracy Freese is active in the local Democratic organization and had actually been running a campaign against the now-resigned Republican State Senator. Things accelerated with the vacancy and the calling for a Special Election.

One good thing is that she’s had a head start meeting voters and establishing name recognition among them. The challenge is that her new opponent served in the Iowa State House for 4 years and that registered Republicans outnumber Democrats 2-to-1. (Registered voters with no party affiliation nearly match the Republicans.)

Once again, it’s going to be about turnout. Democrats in Iowa Special Elections since Trump have enjoyed an average positive swing of 31 points. We did great work for candidates like Dr. Phil Miller and Rita DeJong. Let’s each write 5 postcards for Tracy and boost Democratic voter turnout for this April 10th election!


Campaign web site:

For voter addresses so that you can write 5 postcards and mail them before this Tuesday:

► Text HELLO to 484-275-2229

► Send a HELLO message Facebook Messenger on Abby the Address Bot’s Page. Click here:

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