Campaign #65 is for Jamie Spotts running for a Ozaukee County Board in WI.


We have another candidate in Wisconsin who needs our help boosting Democratic voter turnout. Her name is Jamie Spotts and she’s running for a seat on the Ozaukee County Board of Supervisors.

What you should know about this Board is that of the 26 district seats, only 5 are represented by women. Even though more than half of the county are women. Jamie’s District 11 is one of 3 with 2 challengers to the incumbents. Challengers needed only 20 petition signatures to file. This is a small county of under 90,000 residents, its Eastern border is Lake Michigan.

Some of the things to learn about Jamie are that she is the Volunteer Manager for non-profit Family Sharing which offers essential services to those in need. A first-time candidate, she is the mother of 3 under age 13 and is ready to apply her experience in non-profits, the private sector, and higher education in public service.

This is a short list, but the potential impact Democrat Jamie Spotts could have over one term will be much longer. Thanks for writing even just 5 cards for her and mailing them no later than this Tuesday for her April 3rd election.

► Text LOCAL to 484-275-2229 for addresses from Abby or

► Message Abby directly on Facebook:

[NOTE: If the list runs out before you can get any addresses for Jamie, please consider writing a few more for Dallet. Her list is still unfinished and the mailing deadline is Tuesday.]

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