Campaign #64 is going to carry double the impact.


We often hear about a school board somewhere in the country making news headlines for a controversial vote. Maybe it was one of those notorious votes about school bathrooms and students’ gender identities. Or a vote on a textbook purchase that distorts American history. Or even introducing mandatory creationism curriculum for science and biology classes.

If you’ve been one to wonder “How in the world did that School Boardever get that far right to pass such harmful policies?” then you will want to jump in on this campaign. It’s for Parkway School Board located in east-central Missouri in St. Louis County. It serves around 17,000 students. And the election April 3rd to fill two open seats could not have clearer choices among the 5 candidates.

Kevin Seltzer and Matt Schindler are the only two progressives running for the 2 open seats in this non-partisan race. They’ve drawn the ire of conservatives. A provocative flyer smearing them both is being left at doors of houses where their yard signs were stolen.

Let’s pitch in to help Kevin and Matt emerge as the top two vote-getters. Educators, students, and parents need them to balance important decisions that come before the Board.

Thank you!

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