UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed. 

This Missouri district is a tough one for any Democrat to win. But, Ronna, a retired teacher, is a tough campaigner.

We have written into a lot of deep red territory these last few weeks. Consider your appetite for writing when the odds are so high and moderate the number of addresses you request. Some of you might write to fewer voters individually while others might write to more.

Whatever you decide, even if it’s to pass for now until another opportunity, we are all on the same side. The side that is entering its second year in this resistance resurgence. Maybe the number of Dems in a district are too far outnumbered. Still, your 5 cards might help recruit new volunteer writers for the next campaign.

We have seen a lion’s share of flips over the past 9 months since we started. And we never knew for certain which ones would flip and which wouldn’t the first time out. Karen Gaddis won a Trump district by 95 votes. Keri Lerner won her Trump district by 39 votes.


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