UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed. 

Greta is running on the ballot without any opposition. Not from the GOP. Not from any third party. This progressive activist who has marched, rallied, and worked to hold Scott Walker accountable could sail to victory in this Special Election.

But, she could also meet with a surprise GOP Write-In campaign at the last minute. What with the election being held in the cold of winter, and Dem voters thinking she’s a shoe-in, turnout will be depressed even more than usual.

The campaign reached out to us for help. Your 5 Postcards to Voters can be like an insurance policy against a Write-In Candidacy. You don’t need to go overboard writing. Just 5 cards and everyone can have a hand in helping.

Plus, a strong Dem turnout will signal to other prospective candidates in the area that change is in the air.

This list is only available via Abby the Address Bot and only for returning or newly-approved volunteer writers.

Text HELLO to 484-275-2229 to get your 5 voters’ addresses. Send them warm wishes for a winter win!


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