UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed. 


What better way to help see out 2017 than by writing 5 postcards for our 40th campaign? (Okay, maybe there are a few better ways. But, It won’t take long to write 5 fun, friendly election reminders.)

Ethan is one of 4 Democrats in Missouri with elections on February 6th. He’s a law enforcement officer who is strong on unions, public school funding, affordable healthcare, and finding revenue to keep the Missouri DOT operating in the black. He’s thrilled at the prospect of our help to boost turnout and counting on it to flip this seat.

This list is our first in Missouri and it’s just the Dems in MO HD 39. The voter addresses won’t last long. Text HELLO to Abby at (484) 275-2229 for addresses. Or email us at Join@TonyTheDemocrat.org


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