UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed. 


Our 41st Postcards to Voters campaign represents another first as we meet the new year: It is our first time writing to Democratic voters in Wisconsin!

By the time we ring in 2018, we will have written well over half a million fun, friendly election reminders to Democratic voters in 18 states. Growing from 5 volunteers on March 11 to over 10,000 and counting.

Patty’s election date is January 16th. That means our last safe day to mail for this former E.M.T. and now county medical examiner is Tuesday the 9th. Not a lot of time. And this list is a lot longer than that last several we’ve been extended the privilege to write.

Democratic voters in Western Wisconsin are going to like Patty’s leadership in the community as much as they will her perspective on healthcare matters. Your written reminders arriving in their mailboxes wishing them a Happy Blue Year are exactly what Patty needs.

Thanks for writing with us in past campaigns, in this one, and in all the new ones 2018 has in store for us!

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