UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed. 


It’s mid-December. And Margaret Good’s Special Election is not until February 13, 2018. You have every reason to wonder why we are writing to her voters this early. Let me explain.

The campaign is prepared to send a one-time mailing to all Democrats in her district who have historically voted by mail for general elections. This special mailing will include a mail-in ballot application to make it as convenient as possible for them to remember and request a mail-in ballot. Studies have shown that when conducted properly, such mail-in ballot applications programs can achieve participation levels as high as 90%.

Our postcards are timed to help give voters a friendly, early reminder so that when the campaign mailer arrives, they will receive it and pay attention to it a little more closely. When it gets closer to the election date, we will get a new list of these voters who did not respond by requesting a mail-in ballot plus all the other Democratic voters who normally vote in person. And we will write them anew for GOTV. (Get Out The Vote)

This is the first time we have worked to encourage mail-in ballot participation. It is an exciting twist and I hope you will enjoy promoting it. Early votes and mail-in votes are the best ones to secure in case there’s bad weather on election day. Thanks!

Get in on the fun quickly and easily! Simply text GOOD to (484) 275-2229

Or email: Join@TonyTheDemocrat.org

Or click here!

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