24958879_1768692916765120_358641676732078660_oPostcards to Voters Campaign #36 candidate is Phyllis Hatcher running for Georgia State Senate District 17!

Phyllis Hatcher had already been working hard to run for this seat in the General Election. However, an unexpected vacancy and here we are. Poised to boost Democratic voter turnout with our fun, friendly election reminder postcards.

Phyllis and I have had a few conversations and what I have learned is she is mindful of the amount of work to earn this seat, genuinely grateful for a group like ours to just pop up offering help with no strings attached, and a serious candidate prepared to lead. To learn more about Phyllis, visit her website at http://phyllishatcher.com/

To request addresses, you may text Abby the Address Bot with a simple HELLO to (484) 275-2229 and she can help returning writers receive addresses. She will also help new volunteers to start their easy registration.

Verified writers can also request addresses by email at  Postcards@TonyTheDemocrat.org or by clicking here.

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