You wonder, sometimes, what voters think when they receive our handwritten postcards reminding them to vote Democrat. You hope they vote. But, at least one of the voters who received a postcard during our campaign of support for Kevin Cavanaugh way back when decided to run for office!

In his September primary, he managed to win the 2nd spot 105 votes behind the incumbent. On Tuesday, November 7th, he’s hoping that your cards can do for him what they did for Kevin: an upset win and an investment in a leader of the next generation.

► Returning writers may: Text NH to (484) ASK-ABBY which is (484) 275-2229 and get addresses right away, 24/7 with an emailed courtesy copy for added convenience.

► Throwing a large postcard party and need a longer list of voter addresses? Click Here!

► New to this effective grassroots fun? Click Here!

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