Voters in Virginia’s 96th House District will have their first chance to vote for a Democrat to the House of Delegates since 2007. After learning about some of the antics of the Republican incumbent and speaking at length with Kelly herself, I’m “all in” for her candidacy.

We have a short amount of time, but the list we have has been sorted, filtered, and cherry-picked to be the best households of multiple Democratic voters to give her a winning boost in turnout.

Kelly and her campaign have already made over 100,000 individual “touches” to voters. These include calls, mailers, and door knocks. Now, your fun, friendly election reminders will go to exactly the right voters needed to help them across the finish line and flip this seat!

► Returning writers may: Text KELLY to (484) ASK-ABBY which is (484) 275-2229 and get addresses right away, 24/7 with an emailed courtesy copy for added convenience.

► Throwing a large postcard party and need a longer list of voter addresses? Click here!

► New to this effective grassroots fun? Click here!

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