The postcards arriving create buzz. They are conversation starters. This “guerrilla marketing” works and the more time people have to talk to each other and share their postcards, the more ripples are created.

One of the strengths our postcarding model provides is the simplicity of writing and mailing immediately instead of different timings for different candidates. It can become confusing to the thousands of different people writing and extended groups from postcard parties if each candidate might have different mailing instructions. We will always operate on the write and mail within 3 days of assignment model. Managing such a large network of distributed volunteers, you come to appreciate how fragile the whole thing is if you tinker with the wrong elements. Like a real-life 20-story tall Jenga tower.

Any volunteer who wishes to mail their cards closer to an election date can delay their request for addresses. However, there is always a chance we might run out of addresses for a particular candidate. But, we appreciate everyone following the tried and true practice we’ve exercised for over 200+ campaigns since March 2017.