Well, there’s quite a bit more that goes into our candidate choices than random selection. But, even through 200+ announced postcard campaigns, there is still a lot of variability that goes into it.

Timing matters. If we are not otherwise committed, it can be a matter of chance. A “small” local campaign with a deserving progressive can (and has) lucked their way into our program because of good timing.

Adding up the pros and cons. When faced with two or more great choices, Tony has to fairly weigh multiple factors. Can we write the number of cards needed to reasonably influence the election across a tipping point? Since postcards are just one component of the whole GOTV program, how capable do they seem of executing a strong ground game? Are there any restrictions or demands being made that could impact volunteer interest? These are just a few considerations to stack up.

Each candidate represents a different opportunity. Their background, qualifications, what they bring to the campaign, special communities and constituencies they represent, the office being sought, the state they’re in, and so on. It’s impossible to create a one-size-fits-all formula. With 25+ years of campaign involvement and activism, grassroots organizing and business process management, Tony tries to make the right choices. He also takes the responsibility seriously to engage the most deserving and meaningful campaigns for you when we have available capacity.