The biggest objective of hosting a postcard party is to write a lot of postcards. Anything you can do to make it easy for people will help.

We suggest you select a location with plenty of room for people to write (either at home or out in public is fine). If you’re arranging an event in a restaurant, we suggest you check with the manager first to make sure they don’t mind that you bring a group.

  • Provide as many of the tools to make actually writing the cards easy: postcards, pens (lots of colors makes it extra fun!), stamps (it’s totally reasonable to ask people to contribute to the cost of the stamps), addresses, talking points, etc. Extra copies really help, so there are plenty to go around. You can divide addresses onto separate pages so everyone can get their own page (just remember to have them mark off the ones they’ve written to avoid duplicates).
  • Snacks and drinks really help. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but postcard writing can be hard work. A bowl of mini chocolate bars or cookies, and even water somehow help reduce the stress level. If you’re meeting at a restaurant, ask people to buy something to support the business.
  • Wine, or other adult beverages may help as well, in moderation of course. You don’t want your hard work to look like your drunk fraternity sister wrote it.
  • Be sure to review the cards the people write to make sure they follow the rules.
  • And then don’t forget to mail the cards promptly!

Volunteer Sharon J. gave us some useful tips on how to organize postcard parties and created address sheets for her party writers. Please click below for the .doc files Sharon created


Sample Address Sheet